why choose us ?

We are a young and dynamic organization striving to be the best Direct Selling Company in the country.
| • Our organization is built on ethics and integrity. | • Our Sales & Marketing Plan is the best in the industry. | • Our products are manufactured at ISO certified units.
| • Our products are of the highest quality and are value for money. They come with highest quality assurance and satisfaction guarantee. | • Our products have Ayush, Kosher and Halaal certifications*. | • Our Management team comprises of professionals graduated from IITs and IIMs and have decades of experience in Direct Selling Industry. | • Our Distributor Leadership team boasts of excellent training support and commitment to the customers. | • Our products distribution system is being developed using a combination of Ascend Offices, warehouses and
Ascend Shoppes so that the distributors and customers get the products in the quickest possible time.